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       Table of Contents: Volume 4, Number 1 October 2016 (Specil Edition on AFROBIOMEDIC 2016)


Welcome Addresses


Association of Biomedical Engineers and Technologists of Nigeria (NABET)

Dr Kenneth I. Nkuma-Udah, FCBET, The President, NABET and Co-Chair - BME, COC, AFROBIOMEDIC 2016

         [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 01


Nigeria Association of Biomedical Sciences (NABS)

Prof Arthur Nwafor Chumere, PhD, The President, NABS and Co-Chair - BMS, COC, AFROBIOMEDIC 2016

         [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 02


International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE)

Prof James Goh, PhD, The President, IFMBE 2015 - 2018

         [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 03-



Plenary Papers


WHO Tools to Address Medical Devices Challenges in Africa

Adriana Velazquez Berumen, WHO, Switzerland

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 03-05


Unbiased Stereology: A Great Tool in Advancement in Biomedical Sciences in Africa

A.A. Osinubi, Lagos, Nigeria

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 50-57


Indigenous Medical Devices

K. Siddique-e Rabbani, Dhak, Bangladesh

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 58-65


Innovative Medicine in Developing Countries

Prosper Igboeli. Abuja, Nigeria

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 58-65


Developing a Crictical Mass in Neuroscience Research and Education in Africa: Challenges and the Way Forward

C. Okere, United State of America

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 58-65


Exploitation of Oxygenotherapy for Medical Management of Microbial Infections

Chidi G. Osuagwu, Owerri, Nigeria

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 58-65


A Need for Medical Educators, Faculty Development and Capacity Building Initiatives in Africa

C. Tudor, United Kingdom

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 58-65


Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering in Africa

Herbert Voigt, United States of America

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 58-65



News and Calender



        [News and Calendar - PDF]   pp. 38-39


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