In times of quarantine, online casinos are a wonderful alternative

At the present time where the world is waiting for the development of a virus that has caused countries to close borders and send their inhabitants to confine themselves in their homes serving a quarantine period to avoid the pandemic, it emerges as an alternative of fun and entertainment movies, music, social networks, video games and the different board and gambling games offered by online platforms around the world, in such a way that users can enjoy leisure spaces from the comfort of home to for world order to be restored and everything to normal again.

Online casinos are a source of entertainment

The network of networks has changed the way of life of human beings, becoming an indispensable tool in daily life, therefore, in times of contingencies it is a faithful companion to develop different activities such as telework, digital business, virtual education and of course to fill the leisure spaces where online casinos become standard bearers of entertainment with a range of possibilities to never get bored.

The statistics tell us that in 2019 the use of internet platforms; more than 170 minutes a day on average per person; attracted more attention than television worldwide, which shows the growing interest of users, but also reveals the growth of an industry that is transformed day by day to attract the attention of more guests.

The entertainment and casino industry is leveraged with easily accessible interactive platforms, where graphics, games, security, legality, trust, technical support, diversity of payment methods and responsible gaming policies are elements. inalienable that visitors of all ages approve, turning to live an exciting adventure on the different gaming platforms.

Online casinos are a powerful source of entertainment where slot machines, roulette and blackjack, accompanied by video games, take center stage among the different generations, which somehow are at the forefront of what is presented to them, adapting to technology or they are digital natives who want to fully enjoy each of the alternatives that the virtual world presents to them.

Online casinos can make a difference in a quarantine period

The internet has opened a world of possibilities to its users, that is why at a time when the world is called upon to comply with quarantine periods, online casinos make a difference by offering their users 24-hour programming; which is accompanied by promotions, welcome bonuses and a variety of games; all year round, from any electronic device with a network connection, seeking to keep individuals away from negative thoughts that unconsciously create unnecessary crises in humanity.

Digital platforms offer a great variety in the game modes, so much so that if the user tires of playing the infinite themes of slot machines alone or the exciting results of any other table game, they can participate in virtual scenarios with users around the world; without fear of contagion of a virus; with the sole concern of having fun. But, taking into account the precise precautions to enjoy the game with limits, emotional intelligence and a lot of responsibility, since what is least wanted is that a major crisis is generated when the quarantine is lifted.

Cybersecurity protects Casino users from computer chaos

In the current era where the global connection through the internet is essential; due to the social changes offered by technology and in recent days to the conditions of mandatory isolation due to epidemics and government decisions to protect the community; You can see that the way of doing business, studying, communicating, working and having fun has changed. That is why it is necessary to create online spaces where cybersecurity is present, so that the citizens of the world can carry out their daily activities by shielding their interaction, without taking risks.


Cybersecurity invites you to develop good practices

Cybercriminals do not miss any opportunity to violate the virtual space, especially when a large number of people are connected all the time to the network of networks doing telework, making online purchases, studying online, closing negotiations, communicating with their families and searching fun alternatives that are contained in music, video and online gaming platforms. For this reason, government entities and entities in charge of the protection of Internet users from all over the world call for good practices in the use of the Internet.

Today, home appliances, like many electronic devices connected to the Internet, with just one click open the doors to a world of possibilities and cybercriminals know it, so users should keep in mind some recommendations that they can make. difference with respect to cyberspace security when connecting, let’s see some of them:

  • Secure private company and home connections, configuring routers with keys and passwords that include letters and numbers, as well as changing them frequently, in such a way as to reduce the risk of extracting sensitive information.
  • Using public Wi-Fi networks is not advisable, however, it can be used to watch videos and news and if necessary you can access a VPN virtual private network, which allows a secure alternate connection.
  • Review the factory configuration of electronic devices, so that it allows changing the passwords, it is also necessary to keep the equipment updated with respect to operating systems, antivirus and firewalls.
  • Protecting the digital identity of users is very important, so when creating accounts on social networks care must be taken to thoroughly configure the privileges given to third parties over the information that is shared and published.
  • Adopting passwords with 8 characters that include letters, numbers and symbols, are simple measures that can keep cybercriminals away from the personal data, financial information and personal safety of users in the online world.
  • Confidential information is prohibited from being supplied over the internet, that is why it is important to communicate directly with the company and report the malicious emails that are being generated on their behalf.
  • You should avoid downloading programs over the net without knowing the manufacturer, since in many cases they bring dangerous malware attachments, that’s why you should go to trusted sites that expose security credentials.

Those in charge of virtual platforms work hard to protect Internet users from computer criminals, however, each user must do their thing, carrying out the recommendations so that their daily activities of work, education, communication and leisure are not affected. and on the contrary, they become an alternative of productivity and fun at any time and place.

Yahtzee is an entertaining dice game to share with the family

It is likely that dice are considered one of the oldest elements of play and fun of humanity, since, despite generational changes, the vicissitudes of time and the materials with which they have been made, they have preserved that magic touch with which was devised by the most primitive civilizations.


In addition, today the dice are the creators of many table and gambling games; to share with family, co-workers and friends; such as Yahtzee, which is a dice game created by a Canadian couple in 1954 to entertain the guests of their yacht and which is very popular in the world since it mixes skill, suspicion and luck at the same time.


This popular game that was initially so exclusive, today it is possible to enjoy it as a family thanks to large toy companies that offer a box with all the components or the ingenuity of the players who adapt it with very basic materials that they have in their homes. since it is only necessary to apply the instructions of the game in the company of five dice, a plastic cup and sheets to record the score of each player.


The dynamics of the game is simple, since what is sought is to achieve the highest combination of points in each launch, however, there are instructions with certain details that will make this an entertaining game that will fill the leisure spaces with magic.


Although initially the game instructions may seem somewhat confusing, it is worth venturing out, as with a little practice you will master the game. Therefore, first of all, the way of scoring must be understood, since the sheet is divided into a column of 13 sections, so that in each turn the best option is chosen according to the result or it is decided to place zero as an alternative .


Each player has three opportunities to shoot each turn looking for the highest combinations, so that if repeated numbers are obtained, it is decided whether to place the score at the top of the game for only one time or leave it as an option for the lower part where it is You can zoom in on triple, poker, full house, straight or Yahtzee options where all five dice show the same face.


This dice game also offers rewards to those who do not meet any combination, allowing them to obtain a score from the sum of their dice in the chance box. So that at the end of the game the result of each player is checked, granting bonuses of 35 points if in the upper part the score is higher than 63 and in the lower part 100 points for each extra Yahtzee, so that the player who wins have a higher score.


Yahtzee is an entertaining dice game to share with the family, which online gaming platforms have adapted to play alone, against the machine or with other players from anywhere in the world, taking advantage of the technological advances of this time, since only you need an electronic device connected to the internet to access a world full of fun and entertainment that no one should miss.

Slots as an alternative to game, fun and entertainment

Slot machines have been and will always be the most popular game in casinos. Its graphic component generates a great visual impact on people that invites fun and entertainment. From the most classic to the most modern slot machine, they have a striking, colorful and fun theme that makes them occupy the first places among the favorites of casino games fans.


The main characteristic of slot machines is the variety of themes, each one has its own symbols and themes. It is essential to know the dynamics of the game to know how to interpret it and get the most out of it.


Slot machines, as they are known, have their beginnings at the end of the 19th century and were noted for their large size and the images of fruits and cards, from which the first slot machines took their name: Bonanza, Starburst, Fruit Shop among others.


Slot machines with contemporary themes are the ones with the greatest popularity among fans and offer references taken from movies, video games, superheroes, television series, among others.


Among the most prominent categories of slot machines we find: single currency slots, multipliers and the jackpot or progressive jackpot. And they can be classified by thematic families according to their genre: vintage, (like Bonanza and Extra Chilli) of adventures (Jumanji and Gonzo’s Quest) and by specific theme (Starburst and turn your Fortune).


Slots have had an important place in the growth of the casino industry, in the course of time they have been exposed to significant changes improving their features and designs. Developers are constantly challenged to surpass existing ones, both in quality and in visuals and sounds, to provide consumers with the highest quality gaming experience.


The creators of slot software release many new games every year, which become the favorites of fans of gambling and slot machines. The most prominent companies in the design and creation of slot machines stand out:


Game Technology, which has become IGT, one of the best-known slot software developers on the market. This company has its beginnings in 1975, standing out for its constant innovation and the use of new and better technologies; is the largest provider of slot machines, launching featured and award-winning games: Cleopatra, Stinkin ‘Rich, and D’Vinci Diamonds.


The company Aristocrat Leisure Limited, founded in 1953 and since then the changes it has undergone have positioned it as one of the main providers of casino games and slot software, both for land-based and virtual casinos. Among the most prominent titles of this company are Buffalo, 50 Lions and Geisha.


WMS, prominent in the market for developing online slot software, which stands out for its images, colors and sounds, which provide the user with the best gaming experience. Among his most prominent releases are Viking Vanguard, Spartacus, Gladiator of Rome and Li’l Red Riches.