Modifications To The Gambling Regulations German Rules


A number of new regulations have been launched in Germany through 2020 to allow for the launch of new online gaming platforms. In Germany, the gambling industries were always subjected to several Gray areas and therefore it was considered necessary to make more precise decisions as to what is and is not allowed, and that is the reason why these regulations were recently introduced.

What have been the previous rules?

Prior to these new rules, a German operator was unable to run a gambling platform online malaysia gambling, but the actual placement is not clear. German people have been allowed to play in foreign online casinos, because such sites are not subject to German legislation.

This can of course lead to a lot of confusion because the lawfulness of placing bets is a nuanced difference between the hosting of an on-line betting site. The new regulations below should therefore make the knowledge about what is permitted in the German gambling industry much easier.

New rules new

A number of senior politicians from Germany endorsed the introduction of new gaming regulations in early 2020 to make it lawful for both online and online poker casino operations. However, these legislation starts on 1 July 2021 so that the German punters still have some time to take advantage of these new legislation.

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In addition to the new regulations, it is also important to note that the player protection guidelines and measures aimed to tackle gambling addiction include a series of stringent gambling-based measures.

The new structure provides slot machines, poker and sports betting markets to online gaming sites. Stuff, including slots stakes on slots, will still be limited and the transition to a different format will not be tolerated during very common table-top games like roulette and blackjack.

Sports betting may be subject to certain tight restrictions that are restricted to “for another performance” or “ultimate outcome” markets which bookmakers can sell. A number of official bodies have opposed this rule a lot, but the legislation remains intact and in effect – for the time being at least.

For slot games, a limit of EUR 1 per slot game is required, and any table games the platform provides to players must be sold separately. Notice that these games cannot be fastened to jackpots and the games won’t have ‘auto play’ features that are common in countries outside Germany.

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Major legislation

In comparison, each state in Germany has freedom over whether it allows for table games in general or not, although during the transition time both states do have to comply with a ban on blackjack and roulette. Any online casino operators breaking these laws have significant consequences – everyone has In order to violate those laws, their permits may be taken away and similar operations will in future be banned.

However, it could be some time before all these relaxed rules tend to favour the teams. While 30 applications from prospective licensees were submitted in February by the official body responsible for online gambling sites (The Darmstadt Regional Council headquartered in Hesse) and another twenty related operators have stated that they are planning to register.