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In the current era where the global connection through the internet is essential; due to the social changes offered by technology and in recent days to the conditions of mandatory isolation due to epidemics and government decisions to protect the community; You can see that the way of doing business, studying, communicating, working and having fun has changed. That is why it is necessary to create online spaces where cybersecurity is present, so that the citizens of the world can carry out their daily activities by shielding their interaction, without taking risks.


Cybersecurity invites you to develop good practices

Cybercriminals do not miss any opportunity to violate the virtual space, especially when a large number of people are connected all the time to the network of networks doing telework, making online purchases, studying online, closing negotiations, communicating with their families and searching fun alternatives that are contained in music, video and online gaming platforms. For this reason, government entities and entities in charge of the protection of Internet users from all over the world call for good practices in the use of the Internet.

Today, home appliances, like many electronic devices connected to the Internet, with just one click open the doors to a world of possibilities and cybercriminals know it, so users should keep in mind some recommendations that they can make. difference with respect to cyberspace security when connecting, let’s see some of them:

  • Secure private company and home connections, configuring routers with keys and passwords that include letters and numbers, as well as changing them frequently, in such a way as to reduce the risk of extracting sensitive information.
  • Using public Wi-Fi networks is not advisable, however, it can be used to watch videos and news and if necessary you can access a VPN virtual private network, which allows a secure alternate connection.
  • Review the factory configuration of electronic devices, so that it allows changing the passwords, it is also necessary to keep the equipment updated with respect to operating systems, antivirus and firewalls.
  • Protecting the digital identity of users is very important, so when creating accounts on social networks care must be taken to thoroughly configure the privileges given to third parties over the information that is shared and published.
  • Adopting passwords with 8 characters that include letters, numbers and symbols, are simple measures that can keep cybercriminals away from the personal data, financial information and personal safety of users in the online world.
  • Confidential information is prohibited from being supplied over the internet, that is why it is important to communicate directly with the company and report the malicious emails that are being generated on their behalf.
  • You should avoid downloading programs over the net without knowing the manufacturer, since in many cases they bring dangerous malware attachments, that’s why you should go to trusted sites that expose security credentials.

Those in charge of virtual platforms work hard to protect Internet users from computer criminals, however, each user must do their thing, carrying out the recommendations so that their daily activities of work, education, communication and leisure are not affected. and on the contrary, they become an alternative of productivity and fun at any time and place.

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