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It is likely that dice are considered one of the oldest elements of play and fun of humanity, since, despite generational changes, the vicissitudes of time and the materials with which they have been made, they have preserved that magic touch with which was devised by the most primitive civilizations.


In addition, today the dice are the creators of many table and gambling games; to share with family, co-workers and friends; such as Yahtzee, which is a dice game created by a Canadian couple in 1954 to entertain the guests of their yacht and which is very popular in the world since it mixes skill, suspicion and luck at the same time.


This popular game that was initially so exclusive, today it is possible to enjoy it as a family thanks to large toy companies that offer a box with all the components or the ingenuity of the players who adapt it with very basic materials that they have in their homes. since it is only necessary to apply the instructions of the game in the company of five dice, a plastic cup and sheets to record the score of each player.


The dynamics of the game is simple, since what is sought is to achieve the highest combination of points in each launch, however, there are instructions with certain details that will make this an entertaining game that will fill the leisure spaces with magic.


Although initially the game instructions may seem somewhat confusing, it is worth venturing out, as with a little practice you will master the game. Therefore, first of all, the way of scoring must be understood, since the sheet is divided into a column of 13 sections, so that in each turn the best option is chosen according to the result or it is decided to place zero as an alternative .


Each player has three opportunities to shoot each turn looking for the highest combinations, so that if repeated numbers are obtained, it is decided whether to place the score at the top of the game for only one time or leave it as an option for the lower part where it is You can zoom in on triple, poker, full house, straight or Yahtzee options where all five dice show the same face.


This dice game also offers rewards to those who do not meet any combination, allowing them to obtain a score from the sum of their dice in the chance box. So that at the end of the game the result of each player is checked, granting bonuses of 35 points if in the upper part the score is higher than 63 and in the lower part 100 points for each extra Yahtzee, so that the player who wins have a higher score.


Yahtzee is an entertaining dice game to share with the family, which online gaming platforms have adapted to play alone, against the machine or with other players from anywhere in the world, taking advantage of the technological advances of this time, since only you need an electronic device connected to the internet to access a world full of fun and entertainment that no one should miss.

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